$annotatedconnectexception MineCraft Error

This error occurs mostly when a player is trying to connect to a server to play Minecraft.

Causes of MineCraft Error

In order to fix the error, first you need to understand why it happens. There are number of reasons that might be responsible for this error. The first one is the issue in the IP address. The user might have entered an incorrect IP address in order to connect to the server. There may also be an issue regarding the wrong port as well. If any one of the above two things is not correct, you will not be able to establish a connection. IP addresses are of two types: static and dynamic. In case of a dynamic address, it continues to change because the same IP address might have been given to more than one user.

How to fix the Error

Some of the methods that you can use to get rid of the problems that are mentioned in the list above are as follows:

Method 1: Reset the Router (Recommended)

The first thing that you need to do whenever something is wrong with either the internet connection, or your computer is to restart the router. Similarly, in order to fix the most common problems in Minecraft i-e.$annotatedconnectexception, you should restart the modem. This problem does not occur for the Static IP users. Therefore, if you are using a dynamic IP address, follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the power plug again and check if the game is working without any problems now.

Method 2: Add IP Address

As mentioned earlier, IP address is one of the main issues that are responsible for this error. Therefore, you can also add an IP address in addition to changing the port that you are using to connect to the server. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Then, go to Minecraft Servers Folder and then to Maxwell (some random numbers).
  • After that, go to Minecraft Server and locate Server Properties.
  • Note your Server Port. It can be different from different users.
  • After noting down all the information, go to Minecraft and then to Navigate.
  • After that, go to Play Multiplayer.
  • Select your server and click on it. Go to Edit.
  • No matter what the server name is, let it stay the same. Make sure the IP address and port number are the same that you noted earlier.

Method 3: Add Minecraft in the Exclusion List in Firewall

As mentioned earlier, a firewall in the windows might be blocking Minecraft. Therefore, if you want to fix this issue, you will need to add an exception for Minecraft in the firewall. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In Settings, go to Updates and Security and then to Windows Security.
  • Find the option for Firewall & Network Protection and click on it.
  • Scroll down until you see the option for ‘Allow an app through Firewall’.
  • You can add the exception for any app here. Click here and then on Change Settings.
  • When you see a warning prompt, proceed by clicking on Yes.
  • Then, Click on Browse in the ‘Allow another app’ option.
  • Locate the game directory. Select the game directory and launcher.
  • Follow the same instructions and then select the directory where Minecraft servers are installed.
  • Go to the Maxwell folder and then to MinecraftServer folder.
  • Allow the Java executables in this folder just like you allowed the servers. There will be two executables and you have to allow both of them.
  • Follow the steps again and then select ‘Change’ instead of selecting ‘Allow another app’.
  • Scroll down until you see Java Platform SE Binary.
  • Now, go back to Minecraft launcher and see if you can connect to the server.


One of the methods that have been mentioned above will help you to solve the issue of$annotatedconnectexception while playing Minecraft. In case that the error doesn’t go away even after you have used all the methods mentioned above, then you should download Reimage plus. This software removes all corrupt files that are present in the computer, which in turn helps in running the game smoothly. Therefore, we hope that with the help of the guide, you can solve your issue of$annotatedconnectexception error.